Clear Image Enterprises Inc. Offers solutions to everyday problems with many different applications of Clear Films that are designed to prevent damage and protect your investments.

We offer Paint Protection Film to Protect your vehicles paint from chipping. Headlight Protection Film to keep your
headlights from cracking or chipping. Windshield Protection Film to keep your Windshield crack and chip free.

So you bought that new shinny new car and after couple of weeks discover paint chips on the front bumper, yes they do not look pretty and will make your car less appealing. Well we have a solution for that. Clear Bra is a 8mil urethane film applied to your vehicle front bumper, lights, hood, mirrors, and other areas subject to road hazard. Paint protection film most people call it clear bra is install on your car using wet application technique. It takes long time to perfect the installation process. We have over ten years experience so you can be sure that your no matter how expensive car is it will look perfect. Our company has the highest recommendation rate for clear bra installation.

We also offer Security Films for Commercial, Residential and, Auto . These films are designed to
prevent glass from being shattered. Works great to keep out burglars!!!


We have over 10 years experience with thousands of satisfied customers