Clear Image is a leading company of commercial, residential and auto window tinting
serving the Tri State area NJ, NY and CT.

Tinted windows provide protection from UV rays, energy savings, privacy, safety and security.
We offer wide range of films for homes, offices, hotels, auto, security, frosted, privacy, graffiti and shatter proof films

Commercial window tinting

Commercial Window tinting


You can improved comfort of your building by installing our energy efficient window film.
In winter your windows allows your heat to escape thru the windows and making your heating system work harder. In summer months your windows allows too much heat to enter making cooling cost higher.

  • Reduce sun glare, less eye strain
  • Better heat distribution by eliminating cold and hot spots
  • Protects your furniture, fabrics , flooring from sun damage.
  • Adds privacy
  • Protects skin by blocking dangerous UVA and UVB rays as recommended by skin cancer foundation
  • Adds safety shield to help keep broken glass in place in case of break-ins or natural disaster.

Residential window tinting



Residential window tinting are used for many different applications and can be applied to all kind of windows. Our window films are designed with the latest and most advanced technologies. All of our tinting film lines carry Energy Star certifications and Skin Cancer Foundation approval.

  • Reduce heat gain by as much as 80%, increase comfort, and reduce utility bills.
  • Eliminate harmful UV rays by 99% Protects furniture, carpets, fabrics, hardwood floors.
  • Reduce sun glare, makes home more comfortable.
  • Increase privacy and security.
  • Makes your windows shatter proof.

Auto window tinting

New Jersey auto window tinting


Auto window tinting not only will make your car looking great but it will add many additional benefits. We carry many different shades of tinting material to choose from.

  • Reduce sun glare.
  • Prevents the vehicle interior from fading and cracking
  • Makes your car cooler in summer.
  • Rejecting 99% of harmful UVB rays.
  • Adds privacy and security

Security films

Store security films


Advanced security technology films provide great value and increased safety.  Glass breakage happens from any number of causes.  Environmental effects like high winds or earthquakes to man made threats like vandalism, violence or bomb blasts can result in shattering sheets or flying shards of glass.  These dangers can be avoided with the appropriate security film.  Several levels of protection are available depending on your needs.

Through a unique adhesive that bonds to glass the film remains attached to the window, binding it together and keeping it intact for an extended period of time.  These types of film are a very effective tool against the common smash and grab robbery.    Most “smash and grabbers” cannot afford to put in the extra time and effort needed to penetrate the film.  Because these films have a high degree of clarity the criminal doesn’t know it’s there and is taken by surprise by the performance of the glass.  This is a powerful deterrent to most thieves that operate this way.

Frosted and decorative films

frosted and decorative window vinyl


Frosted Film:
Frosted film also known as decorative or privacy film gives the appearance of frosted etched glass or sand blasting. This film is available in many designs and the creative possibilities are endless. Frosted film gives privacy while letting in light and is ideal for business, office or home use. Unlike etched or sand blasted glass, this solution is affordable and can be easily installed. The film is durable, lightweight and easily maintained. The material will not shrink, curl or bubble even under the harshest conditions.

Designer Film:
From board rooms to ballrooms the distinctiveness of etched glass has been used to enhance interior settings for centuries. Beauty comes with a price; etched glass can cost up to $125 per square foot and may not be practical for most applications. There are window film solutions to achieve the same look at a surprisingly affordable cost.  Attain the look of etched or frosted glass and expand your design possibilities.  There are many patterns available to satisfy your creative needs and the uses are endless. These films add privacy, enhance design, increase safety, cuts glare are scratch resistant and block out 98% of UV Rays.

Lumisty Film:
This new film has captured the imagination of interior designers and architects everywhere.  It controls what you see by changing the view from transparent to translucent as you change your angle of view.  Control the vertical or horizontal view giving rise to distinct and practical uses.

Stain Glass Film:
Stained Glass Window Film is a simple way to decorate windows, sliding glass doors or any glass you would like to decorate.  This film is an affordable alternative to expensive custom made stained glass windows.  The film is available in many patterns and designs from tropical to religious themes.  Installation is quick and clean and can change the look of your room in minutes.

Graffiti films

anti graffit films vinyl


Graffiti film protects your windows and surfaces while maintaining optical clarity.  There is no sacrifice to aesthetics in order to gain function.  With the transparent clarity this film offers, a vandal will never know it’s there.  The thickness of the film helps stop glass from being defaced while the coating allows vandals to think they were able to get to the glass.  This film is most commonly used on showcases, windows, display cases, bathroom mirrors, elevators, building exteriors as well as subway and bus windows.  As and additional benefit the film blocks up to 99% of UV rays, dramatically reducing fading and deterioration of items behind the glass.

If graffiti vandals or glass-taggers strike, you will not have to replace expensive glass and undergo the inconvenience of the installation process.  Graffiti film is easily removed and replaced with minor interruption to your business.

Construction equipment

window tinting


Make your work more pleasing and safe by tinting your equipment windows. Our light UV film will reduce glare and will not obstruct the operator vision. This will make work more efficient in outdoor sunny conditions. It will make the cabin cooler and more comfortable to work. We can tint excavators, buldozers, backhoe, graders, tractors and any machine that has windows.


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